Tata Altroz 2020 XT Model Modified to XZ(O)Model – Roof Wrap,Alloys,Seat Covers,Seat Cushions,Led Scuff Plates

The Tata Altroz was officially launched on January 22 in India with a starting price of Rs5.29Lakhs and gained a lot of attention and many bookings due the modern technology features and the safety features. The key highlights of the Tata Altroz are

  1. The Tata Altroz has been designed to offer World class protection with the ALFA Architecture along with the comprehensive safety system the Tata Altroz has achieved a 5 star Global NCAP rating
  2. Gold Standard of the Driving Dynamics – The Tata Altroz has been launched with a powerful BS6 petrol and diesel engines, fine tune suspension and comprehensive control.
  3. One main key feature of the Tata Altroz is the 90degree opening doors which is more comfortable while entering and exiting the car along with the rear AC vents
  4. The Tata Altroz has the Cruise Control options which makes the long drives more comfortable along with the voice command recognition
  5. The Tata Altroz has two modes of driving such as the Eco and City Mode along with the rain sensing wipers.

Tata Altroz Modified

The Tata Altroz was modified by the owner Udit Kehar who is a car enthusiast and likes to give his car new looks of his choice .This a Tata Altroz XT variant with a HighStreet Gold Color has many modifications done such as the roof wrap, alloy wheels,seat covers ,scuff plates etc .As the golden color was bit louder for the interior ,it was contrasted with the interior dashboard color of dark grey and light grey piping. This modifications of the car makes the XT variant look like the top end XZ(O) variant and has given the car a more sportier look and has grabbed a lot of attention by other owners for the modifications.

1-Roof Wrap Mod

The Tata Altroz XT variant was roof wrapped in gloss black to look it like the top end XZ(O) variant .It has given the vehicle more sportier and appealing look it was done at a price of Rs 1500-Rs 1700

2-7D Floor Mats

The 7D floor mats were also installed in the Tata Altroz for a price of Rs-2200 – Rs 2400

3-Steering Wheel Cover and Black Silicon Key Cover

The steering wheel cover was added at the price of around Rs600- Rs 800 and the silicon key for the likes of the owner

4-Seat Covers and Seat Cushions

The seat covers were added to the original seat covers given by the company along with the seat cushions for a price of Rs9000-Rs10,000 for the Seat Covers and Rs-1200 – Rs-1400 for the seat Cushions and is matched with the interior of the car to give a good finish to the Interior

5-After Market Diamond Cut Alloy Wheels

The main modification attraction of this Tata Altroz is the aftermarket diamond cut alloy wheels of 16 inch which has given the car a much sportier look.The price of the Diamond Cut alloy wheels are Rs26,000 and brand is RaysClub Alloys ,Malaysia with retaining the stock tyres.

6-Door Visors for Rain Protection

The Tata Altroz has been installed with the Door Visors for the rain protection for a price of Rs-1200 – Rs -1400

7 – Led Scuff Plates

  The Led scuff plates have been installed on all the door of the car which glows in blue color at the night and was installed at the price of Rs 1100 – Rs 1300

Finally the overall costs for the modifications is around Rs44,000 and the Tata Altroz looks a way ahead of other cars in the segment

Roof Wrap ModRs-1700
7D Floor MatsRs -2400
Steering Wheel CoverRs – 600
Seat CoverRs-9000
Seat CushionRs-1400
Diamond Cut AlloysRs- 26,000
Door VisorsRs – 1400
Led Scuff PlatesRs – 1300
TotalRs- 43,800


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