Never use liquid Sanitizer for a Car or Bike when the Engine is on, bike caught on Fire [Video]

Ever since the outbreak of the Covid-19 sanitization is the required for everyone to be safe from the virus .So people have started using sanitizers for their vehicles to keep themselves safe and secure . So here is a clip at a petrol bunk where the bike catches fire as the sanitizer is sprayed on the bike and luckily the person has had no major injures and they were able to turn off the fire with no damage . There might be several reasons why the bike was caught on fire after spraying the sanitizer.

Firstly a sanitizer contains a good amount of chemical portions such as the alcohol content in them which can be flammable when it is exposed to the heat for a longer period of time. The alcohol based sanitizers are generally flammable and will also evaporate easily when exposed to the high temperature. Due the current weather conditions and also the bike engine was on when the sanitizer was sprayed might be the reason to catch the fire.

Second there might be chances that the sanitizer was not preserved in a cool temperature  before the use which might have also resulted in causing the fire on the bike and as per the norms the sanitizers should not be used in heating conditions ,ignition sources or any type of electrical outlets or the switches.

So whenever anyone wants to use the sanitizer for any of the vehicle, it should be made sure that the  sanitizer was previously kept in a well maintained temperature and the ignition of the vehicle is not on and is not exposed to too much of heat.

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