MG Motor to Provide 100 MG Hector to COVID-19 Warriors. Concerns for the Distribution?

The MG (Morris Garage) Motor India has announced that the company will be providing 100 MG Hectors to the Covid-19 Warriors or the Personnel such as the Doctor’s ,Medical Staff ,Police and other government officials who are involved in the community services .The company has announced that the vehicles will be provided until the end of May 2020.

The MG company will follow all the safety measures to ensure that the vehicle is Virus free and will use the “MG Disinfect and Deliver “ method to the all the 100 SUV’s that will be provided. The company has also added that all the vehicles will be allotted with a driver and also fuel for supporting the transportation needs across the country.

The MG Motor India has already pledged Rs 2crore and is also developing a low cost ventilators for the as its contribution to fight against the Covid-19 Pandemic .Along with the MG Motor in UK has decided to provide 100 MG ZS EV to the NHS agencies across the country for the Covid-19 Pandemic .The vehicle will be given all over the India through its dealers across the country following the corresponding State Government rules.

Along with this the main concern that are raised are

  • First one is that how many members are allowed in this SUV since it’s a 5 seater and the social distancing has to be maintained.
  • How are the people selected to be eligible for this vehicle’s?
  • Third is that even if the rules are followed as per the norms and only 3 persons are accommodated in car ,then a total of 100 car means 300 persons are benefited by these cars or if only 2 persons(Since one Person is a driver ) are allowed in a car then only 200 persons will be benefited.

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