MG Introduces New MG Shield+ Initiative for the MG Hector,ZS EV Buyers

The MG (Morris Garage) Motor India has previously provided 100 MG Hectors to the Covid-19 Warriors or the Personnel such as the Doctor’s, Medical Staff, Police and other government officials who are involved in the community services .The company had also announced that the vehicles will be provided until the end of May 2020 with the fuel and the drivers for the vehicles.The MG Company also contributed by providing the MG Hector Ambulance for the Vadodara Authorities as well

Now the Company has gone a step forward in ensuring the safety of the new buyers who want to buy the MG Motor Vehicles by Introducing the MG Shield+ method.The main advantages of the MG Shield+ program is that the

1- Contact less Delivery of the Vehicle

2- Well Sanitized Vehicle Before Delivery

3-Check for MG Services through the Mobile Application

How Shield+ Method Works ?

In the Shield+ program whenever a customer visits any of the MG showrooms in India are guided by the voice instructions and can have a look of the MG Hector and the MG ZS EV by the voice guided features.

Secondly the Customers can access the MG-Care application at their home and can avail the benefits and the services such as the

1- Santization

2-Disinfection and

3- Fungination through technicians at home

MG Disinfect and Deliver Method

The MGGerm Clean initiative make sures that the vehicle cabin is fumigated under the “Disinfect and Deliver” initiative .By this a new buyer can be assured for the safety of the vehicle while it is delivered. So here is one of the old video of MG Hector being sanitized

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