MG Company Contributes again for COVID-19 – Provides an MG-Hector Ambulance for Vadodara Authorities

The MG (Morris Garage) Motor India had previously announced that the company will be providing 100 MG Hectors to the Covid-19 Warriors or the Personnel such as the Doctor’s, Medical Staff, Police and other government officials who are involved in the community services .The company had also announced that the vehicles will be provided until the end of May 2020 with the fuel and the drivers for the vehicles.

Again now MG (Morris Garage) India has come up with a good gesture for serving the people of the country. This time the MG Company has modified its MG Hector to an Ambulance within a span of 10 days partnering with an Ahmadabad-based Natraj Body Builders. This MG Hector has been provided to the Vadodara authorities for their contribution against the COVID-19 Pandemic.

The main highlights of this ambulance include

  1. Medicine Cabinet with a five parameter Monitor
  2. Medical Equipment’s along with the Internal Lighting
  3. Top Light Bar with Siren and Amplifier
  4. Inverter with the battery and sockets
  5. Fire Extinguisher
  6. Reusable rear seat and jump seat for Attendant along with the 360 degree rotation
  7. Auto Loading Stretcher and an Oxygen System with a Cylinder

Previously the MG Motor India has also already pledged Rs2crore for the COVID 19 Pandemic and is also developing a low cost ventilators as its contribution to fight against the Covid-19 Pandemic .The MG Motor in UK has also provided 100 MG ZS EV to the NHS agencies across the country for the Covid-19 Pandemic .

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