Mahindra Thar Crushed Accident ?!Here we tell why not to worry about it !

The Mahindra Thar 2020 has created a huge demand in the Industry and has been on of the highest selling since its launch in India .Currently there is a waiting period of 6-8 Months for the Mahindra Thar .The Mahindra Thar 2020 is known for its best off road drives and the pricing at which the new Thar was launched which has attracted the Customers all over India.

There has been an Thar accident images that has been circulating across different platforms and Youtube. As per the Post the person mentions the Thar was at a high speed and met with the accident and the driver is not alive anymore .

Fact Check

  1. From the Images its not clear ,how the Mahindra Thar has met with the accident ?
  2. Second ,its not mentioned or confirmed at how much speed this Mahindra Thar was traveling
  3. Third ,from the images the vehicle has been crushed completely and this not seems to be Front a  impact
  4. Fourth ,it seems there has been huge force applied on the car from the above .

Global NCAP Rating

The Mahindra Thar has a 4 Star rating at the Global NCAP test and the vehicle is tested at speed of 64km/hr .According to the post ,the Thar was at very high speed which might be more than 100kmph or 120kmph which is not a recommended and speed and most of the cars will not survive the crash at these high speeds .

Also there is not much information about this crash and we cannot come to a conclusion with only 2 images and a statement.

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