Baleno Suspension – How changing the Suspension Improved the Quality of the Car(Owners Review)

The Maruti Suzuki Baleno was launched in October 2015 and was one of the most sold cars during the year 2016 in that segment. The vehicle had an enormous amount of sales soon as it was launched and had much longer waiting period since it had huge demand .But soon after some months of the purchase many owners were not happy with the car due to some problem and here is the complete story.

Aravind (Owner ) –  “We had booked the car in the November 2015 soon after its launch and once we changed the model from diesel to petrol ,had to wait for around 4-5months for the car since there was a huge demand during that time “.

Finally the Baleno Alpha model was delivered to us in March and were quite happy with the car “. It was sense of joy and pride to own such good car.

Soon after some days we started noticing that sitting in the rear was not too comfortable at all,(Felt our old car was better at the rear ) since it was too bumpy even on a small pothole and other roads. So it continued for many months and finally there were many complaints from owners across the country experiencing the same .There started the debates on getting the suspension checked and idea of changing suspension.

So then many owners started getting the suspension changed under warranty with zero cost from the company. There was a chassis number cut off which was provided for which the suspension change was done, but not as soon as we approached, it had some procedures and checks.

Step 1: After gathering all the information regarding the chassis number and the discussion in social media across various platforms I approached the local Maruti Suzuki dealer .The first thing that they did was to have test drive and convinced us to say that it was correct and no changes were required and had to keep the correct air pressure.

Step 2: After continuous follow up with service manager and convincing that people in other places have already got the suspension replaced, the manger agreed to change the rear shock absorbers only. So I agreed with it since – “Something is better than nothing”.

Step 3: After the rear shock absorbers were changed there was slight improvement, but did not meet our satisfaction.

Step 4: So after some days of using the changed rear shock absorber, I again approached the Service manager and convinced him that the full suspension kit needs to be changed as it is an approved by the company all over the country and showed some evidence of the suspension kit being changed .So finally they agreed to change the complete Suspension kit under warranty

Step 5: Almost waited for around 15days for the parts to be arrived by making daily follow-ups with the service manager and finally the whole suspension kit worth around Rs20,000 were changed under warranty.

Final Step :It took around 4-5 hours for the complete replacement and the wheel alignment and the balancing were done after the suspension kit was changed and the rear suspension was much better after that.

It was sight of relief as now the car was feeling much better to drive and now there was no problem at the rear seat .Thanks to the company and the Staff that helped in the process and valued the customer’s opinion and soon after that all the new model were delivered with the new suspension unit from 2017.

So here is a list of the things that were changed:

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